తమిళనాడు లోని గ్రామదేవతలు | Village Gods of Tamil Nadu | In Telugu

November 16, 2020

Take a drive through rural Tamil Nadu and at the entrance to many villages, you will be greeted by colourful mud horses with fierce men riding atop them. What do these terracotta figures symbolise? This short video is about ancient village deities(కావల్ దైవం) of south India; fearsome gods who protect, but are incredibly human as well. Listen to stories of how these village gods may have originated, and learn about the customs and beliefs they inspire to this day. This video takes you to an Aiyanar temple in a village called Keezha kuil kudi(కీళ కుయిల్ కుడి, మదురై), on the outskirts of Madurai in south India.

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