Ministry of Tourism: Exploring Pondicherry’s French quarter

April 26, 2020

Pondicherry in South India is the perfect place for a holiday – pretty beaches, cool sea breezes, cosy cafes and rich History. On this virtual tour, we will focus on the historically rich French Quarter. It is a picture perfect place, with its marigold coloured buildings draped in bright bougainvillea. In the days of the French, only the white people lived here, so it used to be called White Town. It was designed to resemble a European city, with its grid patterned streets and its parks. The colonial bungalows were quietly tucked away in the midst of colourful gardens.

Storytrails, in partnership with 'Ministry of Tourism' presents "Exploring Pondicherry's French Quarters", a virtual tour to Pondicherry. Listen to stories about temples and beaches, about ambitious generals and Indian poets.

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