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Stories On The Run

‘Stories On The Run’ is a running trail by the sea.
Let your feet carry you along as you feast on stories of the British in India.

  • Reporting Venue

    Gandhi statue on Marina beach


  • Time

    5:30 am-8:00 am

  • Conveyance


But why the British? Because the Marina was their bastion and some of the best British buildings are along this road.

And very pretty ones they are too. But more interesting are the stories they conceal – of true blue Brit grit, of perseverance and backstabbing, of practical concerns and pure unadulterated greed.To many of the British, India was a difficult posting – and yet, they came here and left behind lasting impressions.

From canals to clubs and courts to ports, they built them all. Do you know just HOW much India owes Charles Wood? Or what could possibly link the Indian Railways and the caste system?

‘Stories On The Run’ is a jog through a world of exciting people and momentous decisions. So take to your heels, keep your ears skinned, and breathe in the delight that was Madras. Join us and let us run through some stories.

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