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Peacock Trail

An easy walk through Mylapore, exploring fascinating stories hidden away in the mundane rituals of daily life. Stories behind everyday sights, stories of Gods and demons, of ancient customs and symbolisms, and of Mylapore and Madras.

  • Reporting Venue

    Outside Karpagambal Mess, 20, East Mada Street, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004


  • Time

    8:30 am-11:30 am or 4:00 pm-7:00 pm

  • Conveyance

    Mostly walk, autorickshaws used on short stretches

Ever wondered why there are so many Gods in India? Or what the stars have to do with your future?

There are many stories hidden away in the mundane rituals of daily life. And as you walk through Mylapore, you’ll discover that every sight you behold has a story to tell.
Read the symbolism behind some everyday activities on the streets and you’ll find that spirituality here doesn’t just start and end within holy places.
Mylapore, a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of Chennai, pre-dates the city by at least 2000 years, and has kept alive many traditions and arts that Chennai is so well known for.
The Peacock Trail is an easy, enjoyable walk through Mylapore.
A walk that comes packed with a bundle of stories – stories of local life, of Gods and demons, of ancient customs and symbolisms, and of Mylapore and Madras – some amusing, some baffling, and some that might just help you make sense of the sights around you.
And why is it called the Peacock Trail? Well of course, there is a story in there too

test Testimonials

Very interesting. I appreciated the stories and detailed explanation. The humor really makes a spark in the experience. I am fascinated by the culture! Thank you!

Angus Lugo Axtmann

What a lovely surprise to find this gem of a tour in Chennai! I wish we had enough time for all the trails.

Amemicke Van de Watt

Wonderfully crafted experience. Being a Chennaite myself, it was wonderful to (re)discover the stories of my city. Awesome!

Srividya Sriram

Very interesting to hear the same story retold in many different ways. As Shekhar Kapoor once famously said, ‘we are the stories we tell’. Thank you, for such wonderful stories!

Kunal Mandak

I loved, loved, loved this experience on the Peacock trail. The guide was knowledgeable, interesting and very insightful. I had one day in Chennai for sightseeing and I am glad I did Storytrails. I definitely want to come back to Chennai.

Sanjiv Kumar

The stories from Hindu mythology came alive along with the temple practices. I loved the concept of whispering into a statue of a cow’s ear. Something I would have never known.

Jeremy Thornek

Very interesting and pleasant tour. Learned a lot about Mylapore through wonderful stories and how rich it is in its history and traditions. Thankx!

Julie Hamberstone

The tour was excellent! I loved the actual selected material, the enthusiasm with which the stories were told and the wonderful opportunity to have many, many questions answered.

Kathleen Peoples

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