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Food trail – Pondicherry

Take a walk with Storytrails through Pondicherry’s lesser known Tamil Quarter. We will fill you up with tales of what life was like in the lively, eclectic “Black Town”. And along the way, we will introduce you to some of the foods the locals love to eat.

  • Reporting Venue

    Cottage Restaurant , 64, H.M.Kassim Salai,
    MG Road Area, Puducherry, 605001


  • Time

    5:00 pm-7:30 pm

  • Conveyance


We’ll talk about the people who made Pondicherry such a vibrant city, and we’ll taste the foods that tagged along with them when they travelled. As you discover the food that Pondicherry loves, you will uncover forgotten stories and histories of the people who make up this town. For centuries, Pondicherry has been a place of refuge and reinvention and all of this is reflected in its vibrant food.

Find out how ancient Indians made frozen desserts under the sweltering sun. What does a hard working politician eat for brunch? What did a prisoner get? What does caste system have to do with the food you eat? And what IS it, with Indians and sugar?
Delve into all this and more while you dig into a variety of treats. Join us as we eat our way through Pondicherry, uncovering delicious stories at every corner.

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