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Spend a day discovering the charms of Chennai’s countryside; a world of green quilted paddy fields and sacred groves. Get into a farmer’s shoes and experience the joys of organic farming. Be enchanted by rural hospitality, and come back, refreshed by the sounds of silence.

  • Reporting Venue

    Storytrails Office, 21/2, TTK Road, 1st Cross, Sriram Nagar, Chennai 600018


  • Time

    8:30 am-3:30 pm

  • Conveyance

    Air-conditioned coach

Can you get high on green grass? Care to get sloshed in a paddy field? Is birdsong your idea of great music? Do chicks of the feathered variety turn you on?Then how does the idea of a day spent discovering the charms of Chennai’s countryside sound to you?

Join Storytrails as we take you away from the city to a world of green quilted paddy fields, ancient village temples and sacred groves. Hear the noise and chaos of the city magically transform into the sublime serenity of green fields. Feel the traffic fumes make way for fresh air, and tarred roads give way to living earth.
Spend time in a farmer’s house enjoying village hospitality. Visit his paddy fields and learn techniques of organic farming.

Stories of village life will compete with gorgeous views for your attention. So, even as you laze by the village pond, find out how weaverbirds build their nests or how rice goes from paddy to plate.

After all this, you can head back to the city, refreshed by the sounds of silence

test Testimonials

Lots of fun, great experience, informative, lots of fun!

Vicki Awawk

Very educative. Nice guides. Nice and interesting farm. We saw a lot of things goin on around us even in the farm.

Doll Sorensen

A very good experience. Well structured & good and dedicated guides.

Birk Nicolaspser

Thank you for showing such wonderful hospitality and letting us have a glimpse of your lives.

Susan Milcle

Well organized. Informative. Good blend of activities. Helped give us an insight into rural Tamil Nadu.

Melisa Enderk

Good fun, informative and a nice experience to keep in memory!

Mery Bigwood

Very interesting to hear about Indian farming and the special plants. Beautiful country side.

Brigitte Nicolagsew

Great fun and well executed!! Great mix of activities, travel and stories! A really fun day!

Tina Rovvalis

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