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The pulse of any city is in its markets. This trail takes you through one such bustling marketplace. Georgetown. Let our stories walk you through these bylanes, where plenty of history, mythology and folklore intertwine to give you a glimpse of the living India.

Bazaar Trail

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Discover colonial Madras through the buildings the British left behind. Look closely at each structure and you will find stories of grand ambitions and unexpected revolutions; the hopes, fears, and ideas of the creators, as well as the history of this ever-vibrant city.

British Blueprints

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Spend a day discovering the charms of Chennai’s countryside; a world of green quilted paddy fields and sacred groves. Get into a farmer’s shoes and experience the joys of organic farming. Be enchanted by rural hospitality, and come back, refreshed by the sounds of silence.

Country Roads

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Join Storytrails as we take you on a journey through Chennai’s dance saga. Learn to interpret stories veiled by the subtlety of a Bharatanatyam dancer’s gestures, and let loose as a choreographer takes you through dance routines that are almost de rigueur in South Indian Cinema.

Dancer’s Trail

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Jewellery in India is not merely ornamental. Join us as we delve into the making of exquisite hand-crafted Indian jewellery, and discover the many myths and stories that lie in its crafting. And what of Gem stones? That’s a sparkling new story…

Jewellery Trail

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Mysticism permeates everyday living in India. You don’t have to look too far to find the seemingly inexplicable here. This trail takes you through fascinating stories hidden behind some common beliefs and practices of the region.

Mystic Trail

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An easy walk through Mylapore, exploring fascinating stories hidden away in the mundane rituals of daily life. Stories behind everyday sights, stories of Gods and demons, of ancient customs and symbolisms, and of Mylapore and Madras.

Peacock Trail

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Take a stroll through Dakshinachitra, a museum of heritage houses from South India. Flesh out the bare bones of brick and mortar with stories of communities who called these houses home. Quirky, practical, profound or unbelievable – these stories offer fascinating insights into life in South India.

Simply South Trail

storytrails - spicetrailschennai, places to visit in chennai

Join us on an exploratory journey through Indian cuisine. Walk into an Indian kitchen, and watch the magic play out. This is one trail where you would love getting your hands dirty. Create a drool worthy meal, sit back and relish every mouthful.

Spice trail – Chennai

‘Stories On The Run’ is a running trail by the sea.
Let your feet carry you along as you feast on stories of the British in India.

Stories On The Run

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Take a walk through Sowcarpet – with your appetites leading the way! Taste street food and get street smart about communities that have contributed to Chennai’s culinary scene. And as you go, chew upon a bit of history and nibble on some stories. This is one tongue-tickling trail that will leave you stuffed.

Food trail – Chennai

Join Storytrails as we walk you through Chennai’s Christian history and stories; from the humble arrival of St. Thomas, to the British who left behind a cathedral of neo-gothic splendor. Explore the forces that shaped Christianity in India as you experience a part of Chennai you may never have expected.

Steeple Chase

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Join us on a walk through the ancient city of Madurai, and chance upon her stories; of fickle kings and towering monuments; of whimsical Gods and extraordinary mortals; some set a millennia ago and some of a more recent vintage.

Once upon a Madurai

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At first, God created man in his image, and now, men create Gods in their mould. Join us on a visit a Potter’s village, and watch mud go from the mundane to the sublime. See how a whole village has hit pay dirt and listen to stories of creators – both mortal and immortal.

Potter’s Trail

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Join us on an exploratory journey through Indian cuisine. Walk into an Indian kitchen, and watch the magic play out. This is one trail where you would love getting your hands dirty. Create a drool worthy meal, sit back and relish every mouthful.

Spice trail – Madurai

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Madurai has a lively food scene and a recorded history that spans two millennia. Join us on the food trail and eat your way through some of that history. Every mouthful of its street food will get you an earful of stories – of its people, its culture and way of life.

Food trail – Madurai

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Pondicherry is so much more than just a pretty town by the sea. Storytrails invites you to discover this little piece of France left behind in India. Seeped in culture and heritage, every building, every corner tells a story. Join us on a ramble around the French quarter of the town, soaking in the sights and listening to incredible tales that bring this place to life.

French Connections Trail

Take a walk with Storytrails through Pondicherry’s lesser known Tamil Quarter. We will fill you up with tales of what life was like in the lively, eclectic “Black Town”. And along the way, we will introduce you to some of the foods the locals love to eat.

Food trail – Pondicherry

Join Storytrails for a walk around the Padmanabha Swamy temple in Trivandrum. We will tell you tales of mighty warriors and pious saints, of boons and curses, of great tragedy and betrayal – all a part of the glorious history of this city.

Kingdom of Gods trail

Mumbai, a potpourri of diverse subcultures…
Walk through the bustling Bora Bazaar, and experience the diversity of religions, customs, and lifestyles. Come, explore the many flavours of Mumbai, hear the stories of its people and sample a variety of local food.

Eat, Pray, Love Mumbai

Join us on a walk through the Fort area of Bombay, as we explore the city’s past; From the dark trade that built the city, to the gritty merchants who made and lost fortunes here. We’ll walk past iconic colonial-era buildings and uncover stories behind those magnificent structures. Come, join us as we peep into the city’s past.

The Bombay Story

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