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There’s a fascinating story behind almost everything we see.

Wouldn’t learning be so much more fun if it was designed to help us uncover these stories? Stories that help us connect the dots, form a pattern and make sense of facts and figures?

At Storytrails we know that storytelling can be a powerful learning aid if used imaginatively.  We aim to make children lifelong learners by sparking an interest in a subject. Each of these workshops is an interactive melange of storytelling, dramatised reading, word games, discussions and debates. The workshops are designed to get children to express their own views as also to appreciate another’s viewpoint.

The Storytrails workshops for children cover a wide range of subjects. Showcasing India through her stories has been at the heart of Storytrails work since 2007. And many of the stories that feature in its award-winning walking tours, find a place in the Exploring India and festival series of workshops. Then there are workshops on World history, books, language and storytelling – subjects that our team of writers live and breathe. For over 12 years, Storytrails has worked with schools across the social spectrum, engaging thousands of children on trails and workshops related to general and social awareness. Many of these programmes are now available in an online format, with exciting new titles getting added every month. 

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The world of Ruskin Bond

Bump into adventurous grandpas, eccentric aunts, and naughty pets and have a merry afternoon, enjoying tales, full of fun and frolic. Join us on this workshop - The world of Ruskin Bond.


28th Nov 2020


04:00 PM IST

Age Group

7 to 11

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Join us as we take you on a journey through Sherlock Holmes’ world of intrigue.


05 Dec 2020


04:00 PM IST

Age Group

8 to 13

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