New history workshops: Learning through stories – When History calls

(Online history workshops designed for 8-12 year olds) Was Vasco da Gama really a great explorer? Just how does an archaeologists know where to dig? And how did volcanic ash almost perfectly preserve the remains of a 2000-year-old Roman city?

Take a peek into the past, unravel fun facts and listen to our storytellers as they regale you with fascinating tales of explorers who changed the face of the world and of events that were the turning points in history. We’ll show you what makes history cool. Come, relive history with us!

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New history workshops: Exploring India 303

Explore the kingdom of Travancore where the queens held more power than the kings. Learn all about the French generals in Pondicherry who lost to their own side. We'll tell you the story of the richest man in the world and his fancy paperweight. What does the mysterious dancing girl of Indus Valley tell us about life 4000 years ago? And many, many more stories...

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New history workshops: Exploring India 202

Uncover the story of the Imperial crown of India and the royal headache it caused. Learn all about the slave of a slave who became the Sultan of Delhi. We’ll tell you about the secret treasures of the world’s richest temple. Listen to the story of the Jataka tales. And many, many more stories...

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New history workshops: Exploring India 101

Sign up with Storytrails on 'Exploring India 101' - a set of online workshops that take you through the marvellous stories that make India. Stories of ancient India, Evolution of Religions, Monuments of India, Colonial tales & Indian customs, festivals and symbolism

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