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Unless you want to stock up your fridge with a month’s worth of fresh vegetables and spices, you can leave your shopping bags behind. The Bazaar trail is a walk through a bustling wholesale market and not a shopping trip. The best way to come on this trail is to grab your camera and walk in, prepared for a sensory assault.

Technically, none. We may visit a few temples and other places of worship on some of our trails. But we go there looking for nothing more than stories. So if you are keen on visiting the main shrine or sanctum in any of these places of worship, please plan to revisit these places after the trail.

Yes, to an extent. We call this customised tour a ‘Medley’. Do let us know your interests, and we’ll put together the best we can by drawing elements from various trails. Remember, our trails do not attempt to show places in the city. So if you want us to include specific places in the tour itinerary, it may not always be possible.

Yes, you certainly can skip those. To us at Storytrails, these places are reflections of a culture and the continuation of a lifestyle. The stories we tell in these places are a good way of getting to know the city, its people and what makes them tick, rather than an effort to showcase a religion. But if you still feel strongly against visiting a religious place, we will be happy to recommend an alternative tour for you.

Yes. There may be restrictions in some places, while some other places may require you to buy a camera ticket. And you must certainly take permission before you click pictures of people or of religious places. If in doubt, just ask our storyteller. So go ahead and take those pictures, and remember to keep an eye on the storyteller – you don’t want to lose her/him!

Well, this is a land of a billion people. And at any given time, a tiny percentage of them (still a very large number), seem to think that that they have no business being indoors right then. So expect to see at least some crowds on the streets, especially the bazaars. Our storytellers will certainly make every possible attempt to keep you comfortable. Unfortunately, they are not trained or authorised to clear crowds.

As the cliché goes, they are as safe as crossing a road. A lot safer than that, if you ask us. But it doesn’t cost much to keep an eye out for unruly cyclists, motorists, pedestrians and stray cattle. We always do.

Truth be told, our storytellers do not like getting up very early either. But some places are best visited at certain times of the day. In some cases, it is also the only way to beat the heat. We would really like you to come out of
our trails with a smile on your face and not fatigue.

A question we naturally get asked very often. And we always struggle with our answer. Our trails are not designed to be sightseeing tours. And many of our trails pass through no places of tourist significance whatsoever. Even when we do pass by significant landmarks, chances are that the storyteller might be pointing in a very different direction, towards a more mundane sight. So if you have a checklist of places you definitely want to see and be photographed at while you are in this city, then you may need to do it after the trail is over, on your own time.

Dress comfortably and conservatively. What does that mean? In most public places, and especially religious places, it is best to keep your shoulders and legs covered.

We do have transportation partners and can arrange to have you picked up from your hotel for our trails and dropped back. It will naturally cost you extra. So if you have your own transport, we say go ahead and use it. Else, you can write to us for a price quotation. We do not provide hotel booking or ticketing services.

Some days are totally booked out months in advance and there are some days when we can take bookings for a trail even on the day of the trail. So if you have made up your mind on the trail you want to take and the date you want to take it on, then we suggest you go ahead and book it immediately.

Please read our booking and cancellation policy here.

Yes. It is a tad more expensive and may need to be booked a bit in advance, but you can certainly make a request for a private tour.

Each trail has a different reporting point. At the time of booking, you will receive a detailed mail with the reporting venue information and instructions if any, for the trail.

If you are taking a private tour, you most certainly can, and we will try our best to accommodate the request if the logistics allow it. But do bear in mind that some places we visit are closed at certain times of the day or on some days of the week. So please check with us on the possibility of the alternative timings before you make other plans.

We accept payments in cash or by a local cheque. You can also make an online payment through our website using your credit or debit cards or by way of a bank transfer.

Most of our trails are easy walks, and none of them are impossibly long. For longer stretches, we always intersperse the walks with other modes of transport. But if you have a walking disability, please do check with us on the appropriateness of a trail for your condition.

Our regular city trails can be enjoyed by anyone over 12 years of age. Younger children may not find the content on these trails very relevant or interesting. Toddlers may find the noise and crowds on some trails unsettling. That said, we do have an arm of Storytrails that designs trails specifically for school children, and we can tailor child-friendly itineraries for families with children over 6 years of age.

Carry an umbrella. Most of our trails are unaffected by light drizzles. We may have to cancel trails in case of extreme weather conditions or severe water logging on the roads. In such cases, we will make our best efforts to reach you on the local contact details you provide us with. But if you are not reachable on phone or do not have access to email, please call us to reconfirm your trail if you see stormy weather outside. You can read our cancellation policy here.

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